Premiere: Passion & Longing Fill Of Good Nature’s “Take Me Anywhere” with Warmth

Premiere: Passion & Longing Fill Of Good Nature’s “Take Me Anywhere” with Warmth

“Whether it’s infatuation or just a crush, there’s something magical about attraction. Of Good Nature’s new single “Take Me Anywhere” captures the magnetic pull of desire through a vibrant, jazzed-up reggae sound that oozes warmth and longing” - Atwood Magazine

Of Good Nature

Our Story

Of Good Nature is not meant to be a phrase that describes us as a band. Of Good Nature defines a movement; the community of people and their ability to come together and celebrate the benefits of human nature. OGN is so lucky to be a part of this growing group that continues to expand. Expanding only from the progressive support coming from our awesome people. Over the years, Of Good Nature has gained thousands of friends and fans, played with many talented musicians, and we are beyond blessed to call each and every one family. We thank you that creating and narrowing the perfect fit to our description of human capability.

"The lyrical intent behind Life Worth Livin is to spread the idea that structural leaders, whether it’s a direct relation, the government itself, or society as a whole, aren’t always looking out for its population. Since youth, many people are indoctrinated with this feeling of protection and safety…a kind of warm American calmness; but as I became a little more mentally active and aware, I became more and more disappointed with my surrounding leadership. Taking a stance for yourself, your rights is something powerful. I just hope that this song can get people thinking of what is limiting their life and change it for the better."